Day: August 4, 2018

Buyer’s Guide: Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Canine Arthritis

As a dog ages, so does the probability of it picking up arthritic pains [around the joint area] increases. Owing to this, there is a need to provide much care for a canine friend. Besides making available a healthy diet, this can also be ensured by getting a good orthopedic bed for it. Let me quickly say here that orthopedic beds are not meant for ageing dogs alone; they are also recommended for large dogs in order to help them have good comfort while resting.

And as there is quite an ample of orthopedic dog beds out there, it is important that you take note of certain factors before going into the store to make a purchase. It is for this reason that we have come up with this article – on the buyer’s guide for the best orthopedic dog beds. So, here are some few points:


Never should you pick up a bed without considering the size of your dog. There are orthopedic beds for puppies as well as small and large stature canines, and you should not get preoccupied with design that you forget to match up the weight/size of your canine with the size of the bed before you settle for a particular bed. It is also necessary to see to it that the size of the bed is such that it is suited for your dog’s sleeping habit.


The features integrated into any product go a long way in determining how well it functions. This is not different with orthopedic dog beds. The best orthopedic dog beds are known to have good supportive memory foam, washable cover and some other features that help provide good comfort and have a cushioning effect for the dog’s frail joints. A bed with a water-resistant cover could be of additional benefit.


Since this is about comfort, the material used in making the bed should also be brought under scrutiny. Most of the good ones are made from polyurethane, faux fur or any breathable material. Beds made from allergenic materials should be avoided.


Well, you do not have to ‘spend your fortune’ to get a top quality orthopedic dog bed; there are many of them available at an affordable price. Therefore, you should get to compare prices for every brand and look out for the store that has pocket-friendly offers without disregarding quality.