Month: November 2018

Top Five Early Shopping Tips to Beat the Holiday Rush

The thought of pushing and jostling with crowds may put you off shopping forever. But even then shopping remains one of the essential activities when the holidays begin. People rush to buy gifts, food items or decorations, till the last day before the actual festival like Christmas or Thanksgiving,

There are some really useful tips for beating this crowd and last minute rush to ensure that you are able to finish your shopping peacefully and that too without any constraint son choices or budget.

  1. The first tip is the most important one. That is to plan and plan well in advance. This will allow you to make a list of the gifts to be given to specific people, the budget for each one can be allotted and then you can plan the shopping itself. The list can be tweaked from time to time and you can search online for better options when there is still a lot of time remaining for the real festivities to begin. Think about decoration for the festival at the same time and you can think of Holiday Decorating of NJ, as you can get amazing deals here even before the crowds descend during the holiday rush.
  2. Start early. Start before the shops become crowded with people. This may be as early as October. People have started to shop early and the items on your list may disappear sooner than you can imagine. So start exploring online and physical stores as early as possible.
  3. Shop online from the comfort of your home. Obviously, this is a great option and you can get everything from online stores.
  4. Buy from less known shops. You do not have to go to the big departmental stores or the malls. You can find some amazing options in smaller stores who will be glad that you are shopping there and may give you better deals.
  5. Give online gift cards. This will also save the bitterness caused due to wrong gifts or returns and exchanges that may cause a lot of effort to the receivers.

Use all these options together and you can definitely avoid the crowds and still have all the gifts and other stuff in place. Then you can relax and enjoy the festivities with the friends and family peacefully.

Everything You Should Know Before Buying Furniture

Planning to buy some furniture for your home or office? Here are a few things you ought to know before you go ahead with those purchases:


  • Size – The size of the furniture you are about to buy is very important. You would be buying a piece of furniture for a particular spot. Very rarely do we shop the other way around (finding a place in the house for something we bought). Hence knowing where you want to fit in that piece and if it will fit in there is important. Ensure you measure the space chose and then the furniture at the store.
  • Breathing Space – When you measure the furniture and space it is going to be placed in, ensure you leave some room for breathing space around the furniture. Do not measure from end to end as you will need some room to not only put your hands in and move the furniture in and out of position, but this space is also important for your wooden furniture to expand and contract during weather changes.
  • Color – Choose a color tone that will suit the space as well as match the other furniture pieces in the room. A slight change in the tone is unavoidable, however, go in for the general color tone as other furniture in the room. If other furniture pieces are in a dark shade, buying something in a light shade will look odd.
  • Type – When you buy wooden furniture, ask about the wood being used. Many places use compressed wood while there are places that use solid wood. Solid wooden furniture is more valuable and long-lasting, while compressed wood is well within the budget and do not last too long unless maintained well.
  • Cost – Knowing the type of wood being used will help you decide if the price quoted is right or high. Enquire in a few stores about the general price range before you invest in a piece. If you want better discounts, you can always use Brentwood Home coupon code.

How To Create a Romantic Dinner Date at Home: The Best Shopping List

Different people have different perceptions of a romantic dinner date. While some prefer to eat, only at specially designed sophisticated hotels, other do not mind a small candlelight dinner in a quiet place. While there are still others who prefer to have one right at their homes. This reason for this could also vary from person to person. For some, it is about cutting down on the costs of eating out, while others feel they have more privacy and time at their discretion to enjoy that one special night. Whatever your reason might be, here are some tips, especially when it comes to all the shopping essentials, which will help you plan and create a perfect romantic dinner date at the comforts and luxury of your adobe.

  1. The Seating
  • Table and Chairs: You will need a small dinner table with precisely two chairs, which could already be available at your home or could be borrowed from a friend.
  • Table Accessories: You will need a classy tablecloth or some good runners to present the table accompanied by some nice colored cloth napkins.
  1. Cutlery: You will need two of everything including wine glasses, plates, quarter plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, etc.
  2. Ambiance: This is something that matters the most.
  • Candles: sure to shop for some nice aromatic colored candles and candleholders to light up the dining area.
  • Music: You could compile a list of yours or your partner’s favorite songs or simply play some simple soothing notes in the background.
  • Flowers: You do not have to spend a lot on getting fancy exotic flowers. Just keep it simple by buying some nice flowers and getting them arranged in a vase.
  • Card/Gift: This is something that is optional or if you are celebrating an occasion such as birthday or anniversary.
  1. Food & Drinks: The most important part of your dinner
  • Drinks: For those who drink alcohol, a nice champagne or wine will be great. While for the others, fresh fruit juices or mocktails with a twist never go wrong. sure you have the right bottle openers as well. For instance, you will need a corkscrew beforehand to open your wine bottle.
  • Food: Keep it simple and cook something that is forte and that which does not take up too much of your time. One pot cooking recipes should be great. Accompany this with a mini starter and a great dessert to complete the meal. However, if cooking is not your strength, then order in. Your partner is sure to understand and will appreciate you for the effort you have made.
  1. Colour Selection: As the norm goes, red is the color that is used in any romantic setting, be it the tablecloth, napkins, flowers, etc. However, you could resort to some other color, for instance, your partner’s favorite color or something that blends well with the interiors of the dining area.

Now that the list is ready, check out the things that you already have, could be borrowed and needs to be bought. You could also check out online sites such as where you might find attractive discounts on the things that you are planning to buy, thereby saving you a good deal of money.

Bon Appetite!…

5 Tips To Sure You Never Buy The Wrong up Again

My evening mall hopping is sometimes never complete without stepping into a beauty store!

Call me vain; call me a window shopper whatever, but a compulsory visit to the beauty section of the departmental store is in store if you are at the mall with me.

It’s not always checking out what latest at the store but sometimes, I do want things that are either at the far end of usage or maybe just to keep it as a supplementary in my drawer.

So, there I was the other day looking for a dark spot treatment and with a friend who was talking I out of buying something that she thought was very pricey.

Well, the person that I am, I picked up a sample of the treatment that I was intending to buy and guess what, the next day when I had applied it; I was the happiest person on earth to not have bought it at all.

The treatment was only for dry skin and not for oily skin and I would have not just screwed up my face but also blown a lot of money buying it!

Here are five tips to not end up buying the wrong make up:

  1. Read reviews and watch vlogs that will help you understand what exactly you must look for when you are at the store;
  2. Product testing is a must. However, apply a small swatch on the most inconspicuous place like say your underarm or underside of the forearm.
  3. Insist on the makeup artist’s application of the product on you to see how well the product translates on your face.
  4. Pay attention to the details. Look how the artist is recommending that the product is
  5. Don’t apply old tester. Ask for a new one because you have a right to know what you would be putting your money in. only if you are convinced that the product will look good on you should you make a choice of investing? Only because you have spent some time in the store and the make-up artist has been with you, you are under no obligation whatsoever to pick up anything at all.