5 Tips To Sure You Never Buy The Wrong up Again

My evening mall hopping is sometimes never complete without stepping into a beauty store!

Call me vain; call me a window shopper whatever, but a compulsory visit to the beauty section of the departmental store is in store if you are at the mall with me.

It’s not always checking out what latest at the store but sometimes, I do want things that are either at the far end of usage or maybe just to keep it as a supplementary in my drawer.

So, there I was the other day looking for a dark spot treatment and with a friend who was talking I out of buying something that she thought was very pricey.

Well, the person that I am, I picked up a sample of the treatment that I was intending to buy and guess what, the next day when I had applied it; I was the happiest person on earth to not have bought it at all.

The treatment was only for dry skin and not for oily skin and I would have not just screwed up my face but also blown a lot of money buying it!

Here are five tips to not end up buying the wrong make up:

  1. Read reviews and watch vlogs that will help you understand what exactly you must look for when you are at the store;
  2. Product testing is a must. However, apply a small swatch on the most inconspicuous place like say your underarm or underside of the forearm.
  3. Insist on the makeup artist’s application of the product on you to see how well the product translates on your face.
  4. Pay attention to the details. Look how the artist is recommending that the product is
  5. Don’t apply old tester. Ask for a new one because you have a right to know what you would be putting your money in. only if you are convinced that the product will look good on you should you make a choice of investing? Only because you have spent some time in the store and the make-up artist has been with you, you are under no obligation whatsoever to pick up anything at all.