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How To Create a Romantic Dinner Date at Home: The Best Shopping List

Different people have different perceptions of a romantic dinner date. While some prefer to eat, only at specially designed sophisticated hotels, other do not mind a small candlelight dinner in a quiet place. While there are still others who prefer to have one right at their homes. This reason for this could also vary from person to person. For some, it is about cutting down on the costs of eating out, while others feel they have more privacy and time at their discretion to enjoy that one special night. Whatever your reason might be, here are some tips, especially when it comes to all the shopping essentials, which will help you plan and create a perfect romantic dinner date at the comforts and luxury of your adobe.

  1. The Seating
  • Table and Chairs: You will need a small dinner table with precisely two chairs, which could already be available at your home or could be borrowed from a friend.
  • Table Accessories: You will need a classy tablecloth or some good runners to present the table accompanied by some nice colored cloth napkins.
  1. Cutlery: You will need two of everything including wine glasses, plates, quarter plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, etc.
  2. Ambiance: This is something that matters the most.
  • Candles: sure to shop for some nice aromatic colored candles and candleholders to light up the dining area.
  • Music: You could compile a list of yours or your partner’s favorite songs or simply play some simple soothing notes in the background.
  • Flowers: You do not have to spend a lot on getting fancy exotic flowers. Just keep it simple by buying some nice flowers and getting them arranged in a vase.
  • Card/Gift: This is something that is optional or if you are celebrating an occasion such as birthday or anniversary.
  1. Food & Drinks: The most important part of your dinner
  • Drinks: For those who drink alcohol, a nice champagne or wine will be great. While for the others, fresh fruit juices or mocktails with a twist never go wrong. sure you have the right bottle openers as well. For instance, you will need a corkscrew beforehand to open your wine bottle.
  • Food: Keep it simple and cook something that is forte and that which does not take up too much of your time. One pot cooking recipes should be great. Accompany this with a mini starter and a great dessert to complete the meal. However, if cooking is not your strength, then order in. Your partner is sure to understand and will appreciate you for the effort you have made.
  1. Colour Selection: As the norm goes, red is the color that is used in any romantic setting, be it the tablecloth, napkins, flowers, etc. However, you could resort to some other color, for instance, your partner’s favorite color or something that blends well with the interiors of the dining area.

Now that the list is ready, check out the things that you already have, could be borrowed and needs to be bought. You could also check out online sites such as where you might find attractive discounts on the things that you are planning to buy, thereby saving you a good deal of money.

Bon Appetite!…