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The Best Reasons to Own a French Bulldog

There are many best reasons to buy French bulldog and they are as follows:

1) Low exercise needs                        

It is suitable for the lazy people who don’t want to jog. Frenchies, according to the preferences they will adjust their exercise needs. Frenchies need training tool for walking called harness and these harnesses for French Bulldog makes it excited while walking.

2) Soft Ears

It is a wonderful tool to get relaxation from the stress and the soft ears are like to be warm and feel like soft velvet.

3) Freckle bellies

Something is about the freckle belly which is demanding raspberry kisses.

4) Big, brown and sensitive eyes

Every dog is having this type of eyes. But in Frenchies, they know how to work with those eyes. Have the hypno power and it can capture the human at a glance.

5) Frog sits

It is an ethnic slur. French dogs are called frog dogs as it has the distinctive leg extended sit position which seems to be like frog swimming.

6) Chicken leg sits      

Another sit position is the chicken leg sits where the French bulldog sits with the lower leg popped out and it looks like a fat chicken.

7) Snorkeling noises

Snorkeling noise is not cute as it is due to impaired breathing. There is also some best breathing Frenchies which can manage the noises. It is called as pig Latin.

8) Great listeners

Frenchies have the ability to sit and listen to the words.

9) Big dogs in small bodies

It is the perfect choice for those people who love breeds. It is found to be tumble and rough dogs.

10) Absolute adoration

The Frenchies are called utter sluts and they at anyone who gives cookies to them. It is considered as a privilege and also a gift to have the complete adoration of the Frenchies and no other dog can replace this.…