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Shopping Then and Now: 5 Ways Retail Has Changed

So, yesterday, a friend who had signed up to get free newsletters from a much-hyped e-commerce site kept whining to me about how she was not addicted to shopping and how after she started receiving this mail from the site, she is all the time thinking about the various goodies that are there on steel prices and the referral and the promotional schemes that the e-store frequently lures her into spending hundreds of dollars.

You think that this would have not set me thinking?

I logged int the internet to check out what the deals and offers there were to know if her arguments even carried any weight. And what do you think happened?

I got lured in too!

Brandon Berry, Vice president of a clothing and accessorizing store talks about this on his personal blogs that there used to be a time when people went shopping conventionally and that they had no preconceived notion about what they would finally pick up. The retailer along with the sales team in the store would then do a fine job of converting him into a customer by showing him of their range.

Cut to today, the customer is completely informed. He knows what he wants before he sets his foot inside the store. The pervasiveness of the internet has helped the customer stay abreast with the latest trends and fashion.

And the online stores!

There was a time when people used to shy away from anything online. But today, more and more people are jumping on to the bandwagon and making sure that they not only benefit from the best pricing but also such perks as not having to negotiate heavy traffic to reach the place and then shop and bring heavy packages home.

Instead, the shopper can coolly sit in his or her pajamas and order right from inside the living room, pay through his card and get it to hand delivered at his footstep. Even as early as a decade ago, no one thought that shopping could evolve like this.

Another article from the same blogger talked about how people shop for weird things. Like he cites advertisement to buy twitter likes; something that was unfathomable to believe even a few years ago.…