Cottage Packing List: Top 5 Essentials To Bring For Your Long Weekend

When you have plans of getting away for a long weekend, it brings in a sense of calm and peace, just thinking about it. It may be weeks away but you are still eagerly awaiting the time to come.

Yes, a long weekend at a cottage can be very relaxing but what do you take with you to ensure you are not left wandering around searching for things the whole weekend? One needs to pack smart and carry certain things to ensure the long weekend goes as planned.

Your List

Here are five of the most essentials things you need to carry:


Check the weather around and pack accordingly. You can use one of the weather apps but also ask a local about the temperature shifts between morning and night so that you can pack clothes accordingly. If you are traveling with kids, this is even more important, as they are not very good with drastic temperature drops.


In all probability, you may have a fully stocked pantry or kitchen at the cottage. However, this may not include your regular items or things your kids like. Buy them in advance and take them with you. Also, carry some ready to eat items for a backup or to use when you are having too much fun and have no time to cook.

Insect repellents

Cottages are set back in a nice location that is close to nature. This invariably has a number of mosquitoes and other pests. Carry insect repellents and some basic ointment or cream to use in case of an insect bite.

First Aid Kit

This is very important as kids or even adults have a tendency to just let go and have fun on such weekend outings and if one is hurt, you don’t want to be roaming around searching for a pharmacy to get some basic first aid things. What if you decide to chop some wood with the best bushcraft axe which is available in and end up hurting yourself?

Indoor Games

Though you are going as a group and are bound to have enough stories to share and entertainment ideas amongst yourselves, carry a few board games. This can be a nice way to bond and have more fun.