Everything You Should Know Before Buying Furniture

Planning to buy some furniture for your home or office? Here are a few things you ought to know before you go ahead with those purchases:


  • Size – The size of the furniture you are about to buy is very important. You would be buying a piece of furniture for a particular spot. Very rarely do we shop the other way around (finding a place in the house for something we bought). Hence knowing where you want to fit in that piece and if it will fit in there is important. Ensure you measure the space chose and then the furniture at the store.
  • Breathing Space – When you measure the furniture and space it is going to be placed in, ensure you leave some room for breathing space around the furniture. Do not measure from end to end as you will need some room to not only put your hands in and move the furniture in and out of position, but this space is also important for your wooden furniture to expand and contract during weather changes.
  • Color – Choose a color tone that will suit the space as well as match the other furniture pieces in the room. A slight change in the tone is unavoidable, however, go in for the general color tone as other furniture in the room. If other furniture pieces are in a dark shade, buying something in a light shade will look odd.
  • Type – When you buy wooden furniture, ask about the wood being used. Many places use compressed wood while there are places that use solid wood. Solid wooden furniture is more valuable and long-lasting, while compressed wood is well within the budget and do not last too long unless maintained well.
  • Cost – Knowing the type of wood being used will help you decide if the price quoted is right or high. Enquire in a few stores about the general price range before you invest in a piece. If you want better discounts, you can always use Brentwood Home coupon code.