How to Look Expensive and Classy When You Are Broke

There are lot many ways to look expensive and classy when you are broke. All you have to do is to incorporate certain things into your daily outfit. Here are some guidelines.

Tailoring your clothes

It is essential to get your clothes tailored to look chic within budget. You can buy good quality fabrics and make it done from neighborhood tailor. It will give neat final finish than purchasing a readymade garment with high prices.

Classic Outwear

Use classic and timeless apparels rather than trendy seasonal outfits. It will give you an elegant look, and you can wear them at any time.

Structured Bags

A structured bag always gives your look elegance.  These bags are chic and timeless, and it may be small or big, but it surely gives you an expensive look. You have to go for the structured bag to look classy and expensive. It’s not that they are costly. You can try ysl bags for cheap and choose the neutral colors like black, white or tan.

Neck Scarves

It is a very simple accessory but helps to add sophistication to your look and also elevate the quality of looks and outfit. The online tutorials are also available on how to use scarves with your outfit to give it an expensive look.

Pricy-looking Accessories

Accessories should be in your clothing budget as they completely change your look. The thumb rule is to purchase something that looks expensive. The accessories should look realistic than big and obviously fake one.


The outfits that are monochromatic always look chic if nicely done. The trick is to use neutral colors. White with shades of khaki, dark jeans with a chambray top of lighter shade goes really well.

Avoid embellishment

Avoid garments that are full of embellishments instead, stick to basics because these are hard to look expensive on a budget.