The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Buying A Surfboard

Here at dreamguides we guide you on how to buy your first surfboard. Before you invest in a surfboard ask yourself how many times or how often would you go surfing. The main reason for this is that if you want to use the surfboard just a few times then you are better off renting it. However, if you plan to go surfing very frequently then the renting costs add up to be very expensive.

So what should you look for when buying your surfboard?

When you are a beginner and are just learning to surf then invest in a big board. You are better off with hardboard.

When you see the professional surfers it does look easy to surf on the shortboard but this is something that they have mastered overages. You need the patience to start surfing. The large boards are stable and the width and the volume make it easy for someone new to use the board. Yes, they may lack the style though.

Check the length and the width of the surfboard to better your experience of surfing. The wider is the board the better you can stand on it and it is also easy to paddle on it and increase your speed.

Thickness is another factor that should be considered. When the board is thick is it is also very buoyant and this keeps you floating on the water. If you buy a thin board at this stage then you could end up sinking.

So make sure that you check the board first and try it out to be sure what best suits you.

The height of the surfboard is also important. You should look for a board that is around 8 feet. You may have used a board which has volume and is easy to paddle and offers stability. Stick to a similar board like you may have used in the training camp.